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Dedicated to empowering the body and giving back strength
About Me
Paul Parsons

Jo has great strength when it comes to massage, she really hits the spot where it's needed


I've been using Jo for many years and her treatments are extremely good and believe me I've had them all!

Judith M

So happy to write a small testimonial for Jo becuase she's one of the best I've come across especially the Indian Head Massage OMG!


I particulary love the Pedicure as I'm on my feet all day, it's so lovely to have them treated by Jo

I have a massage about once a month and I also have had the hot stone therapy which is absolutely wonderful 

Karen A L

World traveller trained and dedicated to what I do with over 15 years experience in massage and other treatments. I truly believe that the body needs to be well looked after and we sometimes forget the pressure our bodies and minds are under on a daily basis, we are the keepers of our wellbeing and therefore it is up to us to look after ourselves. Some see treatments as a non essential part of life but I believe they are an a crucial part of life!

Jo Ellis
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